Hey everyone!
I thought that everyone could use a little help with journal entries and thought maybe I could help by posting hints that I've discovered help throughout writing my journals and seeing the comments Mr. Thompson has put on them. Feel free to post any helpful journal hints here!!

Be Thorough with your writing
Use details and make sure what you want to say is known. Clearly state your point and back it up with details and examples from the story and real life. Don't be vague.

Organize Your Thoughts
Don't just randomly write ideas down (Unless your brainstorming). Have what you want to say thought out and ready to be formed into complete sentences and paragraphs. Elaborate on your thoughts and ideas. Dig down deep into the core of the idea and pull up gold (yeah I know, bad metaphor!). In better words, think your idea through thoroughly, you may just find another idea underlying the original.

Don't Rush
Pick a time to do your journals where you can do all three of the previously stated things. Don't wait untill lunch or the period before this class to jot down a breif rendition of your thoughts. Answer the unstated questions such as "Where did this happen?" or "Why do you think that." You know if you don't Mr. Thompson is going to ask those questions anyway, so you might as well do it in the beggining! =)

Awesome advice Heather!

My addition to this masterpiece of advice is.....
1). Just Brainstorm first and think about it...what is it that you really wanna say? (For the sake of fast typing, allow me to use improper English!)
2). Next, Write it down... you won't be able to organize your thoughts if you can't see it. (Not even Superman can see inside of himself THAT well.)