Linking Octavian Nothing and Georgia Studies.

Understanding History and Literature

After reading the hand-out from The Way It Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia. Offer your unique view points on the following questions / issues.

Finding Proof: Connecting History and Literature

The Summary of Octavian Nothing
Book I - The Pox Party
Part I -The Transit of Venus
Part II - The Pox Party
Part III - Liberty & Property
Part IV - The Great Chain of Being
Book II - The Kingdom on the Waves
Part V - The Theater of War
Part VI - The Kingdom of Waves
Part VII - Motherland
Part VIII - The House of the Strong
Part IX - The Reasoning Engine
Part X - Tabula Rasa

Octavian: The Rebel? The Bringer of Change? The What Could Of Been?

Was Octavian a Traitor?

M.T. Anderson talking about

Octavian Nothing
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