Characteristic Quotes
Your group needs to find at least 3 quotes from the story that reveal some aspect of your character’s life. Your quote could describe physical appearance, background information, or internal characteristics. After you locate the quotes, take your information and describe the following characteristics for your character. (Make sure to be thorough)

Name: Princess Mariposa
Phyiscal Description: She is a female. She is very pretty. She is a princess and dresses like a princess.
Personality: She is a woman that never gives up and that is very hopeful.She is determined. She is caring and trustful.
Internal Conflict: She really wants a child.
External Conflict: Both Prince Otto and Princess Mariposa want a child.
Motivation: To get a child.

Quotes: "I wish I had a child as sound as a bell and as true as a clock." (pg.52)
"But what disease is it?" (pg.68)
"Make me another child!" (pg.53)