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cg098:PowerPoint doesn’t tell the meaning of hard words. Some words were misspelled. The PowerPoint had many pictures. There should be more information.

This PowerPoint had lots of facts and was very well organized. The pictures somewhat went with their slides, but overall great.

Luigi18: The slide show has missing words and it doesn’t tell what the lobsters eat. Other than it was good.

This was good and quite a lot of information and it talked about all the things I was looking for. this also had great facts.

blue67: This is good information on lobsters. It tells how to tell a boy from girl and how to tell how old they are.

Mario21: In the PowerPoint there was good organized information; I saw no mistakes and there was a good balance of information and transitions. On a scale of 1 to 10: 9.9

Lobsters- I think it was great and had a lot of interesting facts.

Lots of good information, nice slides and lots of pictures. On a scale of 1 to 10 I think an 8 would be suffecent.

COOL! Title page some nice pictures, good information, but not to many pictures. Also great facts. I really liked it over all.

You’re facts were very interesting! You had nice pictures. You had a very nice PowerPoint!

You have very good info. I saw two typos throughout the entire thing. Try to find and fix those. The only other thing that I noticed is that the random lobster pictures scared me.