Needs information on its habitat and tell what the different types of limpets there are.

grg-bhlrules 2
this one is second to none i mean whoever did this really knows about limpets but i dont think its there own words.



Limpets- It had awesome pictures and info. It also had very descriptive notes. I loved it!

Very good, enough notes and needed more pictures and talked too much about what it ate.but overall it was great

This is an okay power point. It has a lot of big words. They are many different colors. There predator is the starfish.

It looks non cut and paste and it is easy to read

pkmn fan-
the things that I think they should fix about this power point is that a page of it is too short. The things I enjoyed about this power point were that it was very informative. I also liked how it was very life like.

Mario21:There was overall good information in the PowerPoint. I spotted a few punctuation errors, and you could have elaborated on types of limpets, and you need more organization. On a scale of 1 to 10: 9.3

cerulean15:This presentation had lots of facts, but not many pictures. Some facts were repeated though. It wasn’t word for word much either.

Good facts I think you could use a few more pictures and was to short you can find more information on Limpets.

You had good facts. The pictures were good but one was kind of gross. Nice PowerPoint!

You have good info. You used a note format on your power point, which was cool. Also, you have interesting pictures.