Characteristic Quotes
Your group needs to find at least 3 quotes from the story that reveal some aspect of your character’s life. Your quote could describe physical appearance, background information, or internal characteristics. After you locate the quotes, take your information and describe the following characteristics for your character. (Make sure to be thorough)

Name:His name is Karl.
Phyiscal Description:His expression was dark and gloomy. He is also an apprentice.
Personality:He was nervous and lazy. He seems like a good guy.
Internal Conflict:.He keeps thinking when the time comes and he doesn't have a figure what is he going to say or do.
External Conflict:He needs to make a figure for the clock but he hasn't made one yet.
Motivation:He needs to make a figure so he won't be emberassed.

Quotes:"Stop it again, please doctor"pg.41 "Put poison in it and i'll drink it then"pg.9 "I want a figure for the clock"pg.35