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Needs information on the habitat and on the food that they eat. It also needs information on what the different types of jellyfish there are.

cg098:There was lots of information. There were a few grammar errors. There were lots of pictures used as examples.


Jelly Fish- It was very good. Loved the pictures.Esspecially the cartoon ones.

Jellyfish: I thought it was alright except you had a few notes and you needed more. Your notes were good anyways.

This has good information, and it’s nasty that there mouth and anus are in the same place.

There was good information, and nice backgrounds plus non-distracting pictures

Pkmn fan-The bad thing about this power point was that a part of it said something wrong. The good things were that the pictures were very good. Also the power point was very informative.

Mario21:There was good organization and information. Some of the words in the PowerPoint shouldn’t have been there. On a scale of 1 to 10: 9.8
This is a good slideshow. The only thing wrong was you couldn’t quite read the slide on baby jellyfish.

lil_coco8:That was to short and you put to many pictures,but over all it was good.

You have good info. I saw one typo though. Try to find that. Also, I liked the pictures at the end.