Characteristic Quotes
Your group needs to find at least 3 quotes from the story that reveal some aspect of your character’s life. Your quote could describe physical appearance, background information, or internal characteristics. After you locate the quotes, take your information and describe the following characteristics for your character. (Make sure to be thorough)

Name:Herr Ringelmann
Phyiscal Description: I can only assume that Mr. Ringelmann was wearing a greatcoat and boots in his part on page 4.
Personality: He was a good-hearted man
Internal Conflict: He was depressed, because Karl is depressed.
Motivation:He didn't really do anything except run out of the tavern


1)"The incomers, Herr Ringelmann the clockmaker and his apprentice Karl, stamped their boots and shook the snow off thier greatcoats."p.4

2)"Herr Ringelmann and the Burgomaster were almost the last to leave."p.30

3)"The old clockmaker thought he should say something to a fellow craftsman, but his tongue was mute; and the Burgomaster thought he should either welcome the eminent Dr. Kalmenius or send him on his way, but hisnerve failed.p.30-31