Characteristic Quotes
Your group needs to find at least 3 quotes from the story that reveal some aspect of your character’s life. Your quote could describe physical appearance, background information, or internal characteristics. After you locate the quotes, take your information and describe the following characteristics for your character. (Make sure to be thorough)

Name: Gretl
Phyiscal Description: Gretl is small, she has a big nose,
Personality: Gretl is a loving and caring person.
Internal Conflict:She doesn't know what to do to save Prince Florian.
External Conflict:Gretl can't get Fritz to finish his story, so Florian may die.
Motivation:She cares for Prince Florian.


" Where did you come from? Are you the little prince in the story? I think you must be. But how cold you are! And who is this?How sharp his sword is! I don't like him at all. Oh, what must do? I feel I'm supposed to do something, but i don't know what it is!" (pg.77-78)

"I know what it is, you're not well. And I don't like that little knight one bit, and I don't want to leave you here with him, but I know whose fault this is. It was Fritz who made the story up. If only we could find out how it finished......." (pg. 78)

"But you've got to listen to me! Something dreadful's going to happen, and I don't know what it is because you didn't finish writing the story!" (pg. 87)