Characteristic Quotes
Your group needs to find at least 3 quotes from the story that reveal some aspect of your character’s life. Your quote could describe physical appearance, background information, or internal characteristics. After you locate the quotes, take your information and describe the following characteristics for your character. (Make sure to be thorough)


Phyiscal Description:Tall, prominent nose and jaw, eyes blazed like coals in caverns of darkness, His hair was long and grey, and he wears a black coat with a loose hood, a grating voice, with a exprestion of savage curiosity.

Personality: He is very creepy and he is cruel.

Internal Conflict: He wants to kill every one on earth.

External Conflict:Every one thinks he is creepy.

Motivation: He can do lots of things, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quotes:"What did he look like this phisolsipher of the night.He was very talland thin, with a prominent nose and jaw. His eyes blazed like coals in caverns of darkness. His hair was long and grey,and he wears a black coat with a loose hood like that of a monk; he had a grating voice, and his exprestion was full of savage curiosity."p.g.24-26"Stop! Make it stop doctor."pg39