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cg098:The PowerPoint was good. It had good pictures. Also, the information was categorized. There were no grammar errors.

Yellow63: There are not a whole lot of things wrong with it. It’s good in content and has no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. But it doesn’t say where a dolphin’s habitat.

Luigi18: There’s not that much wrong with it, but it needs more information. It needs information on its habitat and growth.

blue67: This is a good power point with good information. It goes by too fast to read though.

Dolphins: Well I think it was pretty good but it went to fast that I could not read it clearer.

This PowerPoint has good information and helpful pictures. It also has fun pictures and animation so it is not boring, but the slide transitions were too fast and there was not enough time to read the information.

The slide show was good but it was way to fast and I could not read it.

Mario21:The slideshow had some good information and nice organization. The slides went to fast at one point but other then that good. On a scale of 1 to 10: 9.5


This was a good power point, but you need to list your sources or else people will think you plagiarized it. I think you should space out your information instead of putting it so close together. Other than that I think it was awesome.

Dolphins- I liked it and it had a lot of good info but the words were coming and going to fast to read all of it.

a) There were lots of facts. But the slide timing was to fast and it was hard to read everything.

Your info is correct, but some of the info was mixed up in and around the slide show. Try to fix that. Also, I didn’t get distracted by anything, so that was good. I also liked your pictures.

The words didn’t pop up until after 5 sec. and gave me little time to finish reading. It had good information. Very nice over all.