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Yellow63:There wasn’t much wrong with it. There was a few capitalization, and punctuation errors but that’s all that was wrong.

blue67: This is good information. It tells the biggest types of crabs. It tells were they live and what they eat.

· Fairly good information
· Hard to follow
· Some information was repeated

Mario21:The PowerPoint had good organized information. There was a wonderful balance of transitions and information and no seen mistakes. On a scale of 1 to 10: 9.9

Crabs: No spelling errors, all the information. This was great power point.

Crabs- It was well organized, had good notes, and awesome pics. I loved it!

cerulean15:This PowerPoint is great. Nice colors and pictures go well. Many interesting facts that go along well, and very well organized too.
a) You had nice facts about crabs! There were a lot of pictures that could get distracting. But otherwise very good PowerPoint.

COOL! Title page some nice pictures, good information, but not to many pictures. Also great facts. I really liked it over all.

good show,liked effects nicly done.scale of 1 to 10 i rate a 7.8


Nice info, but some of the info was mixed up within the slide show. It seems that you used your own words.