| European Travel Journal Project |
Imagine you are on a vacation and are traveling throughout Europe. During your traveling, you will be visiting five different regions:

  1. Great Britain |pg. 98|
  2. France |pg. 105|
  3. Sweden |pg. 115|
  4. Italy |pg. 122|
  5. Germany |pg. 128|

You are to keep a journal for each place you visit. Each page will be a journal entry for each country. In total you will have 5 entries. Each entry must contain the following things:

First half of the page
  1. A paragraph describing the country you have visited including:
    • Geography (terrain)
    • Culture (include information about religion)
    • Type of government (type of government and leaders)
    • Economy (including information about currency, trade, and resources)
    • Describe how you traveled from one country to the next (boat, train, car, backpacking, plane)
    • Any interesting facts (landmarks, buildings, cities)
Second half of page
  1. A drawing of a postcard showing an element of the country you visited. This postcard picture will illustrate something that describes each country (be creative).
Use notes from class and the information from chapter 4 to help to complete your journal.
*This will be your first page of your journal.

Due Date:
  • A Day Classes - Nov. 14
  • B Day Classes - Nov. 15

Helpful Websites:
CIA Factbook : https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html