All That Has Happened:

The Historical Influence of Europe

Project Objective
Each student will create a museum display and an accompanying audio guide (in the form of a podcast) relating to European history. Each project will present an important event in European history and describe how this event has influenced modern day Europe.

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This project is divided into 3 steps.

Step 1 - Research
Step 2 – Script Writing
Step 3 – Display Construction & Podcast Recording (with help from Mr. Thompson)

Step 1
Research charts are due = Friday, Dec. 14

Step 2
Scripts are due = Monday, Dec. 17 / Tuesday, Dec. 18

Step 3
Presentation due = Friday, Dec. 21

Manage your time effectively. Some class time will be given to complete this assignment; however, whatever is not finished at school will be required to complete for homework.

Mr. Thompson and Ms. DelSignore host working lunches regularly each week in the Spectrum Room (computer access is available for those that need it). Mr. Thompson also stays after school one day a week, students are free to work on projects at this time and can take the after school bus home at 5:30.